The Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park, 9th - 13th May 2017

  • Roddy
    Stuart Hayllor
  • Debs
    Amy Cowie
  • Terry
    Ashleigh Wells
  • Trish
    Kirsty McDougall
  • Eamon
    Duncan Hamilton
  • Spencer
    Rutendo Mushambi
  • Lorraine
    Emily Burton
  • Dean
    Daniel Strong
  • Baz
    Keith Sullivan
  • Mandy
    Megan West
  • House Band Singers
    Robyn Heffer, Gillian McGreevy, Hannah Pike
  • Ensemble
    Craig Duffield, Courtney Flemming, Jeanette Glew, Robyn Heffer, Holly Heron, Gemma Hicks, Sophie Horrox, Debbie Mann, Gillian McGreevy, Hannah Pike, Luke Robinson, Matt Thompson, Silvia Tugnoli, Megan West, Amanda Whewell, Shani Woodley, Amy Williams


  • Director: James Lole
  • Musical Director: Peter Dodsworth
  • Choreographer: Natalie Hayllor
  • Stage Manager: Andrew Cooper
  • Lighting Design: Michael Brenkley
  • Sound Design: Tom Horrox
  • Wardrobe: Bronwyn Hodgkins, Sara Richardson & Debbie Mann

Written by Jon Conway
Script associates Shane Richie and Terry Morrison

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.